Performance Assurance Plan
Protecting Your Investment in Solar

Performance Assurance Plan Protecting Your Investment in Solar

For commercial systems above 250 kW utilizing our flagship Maxeon panel technology, we’ve teamed with Omnidian to provide system owners one year of Omnidian’s premium Performance Assurance Plan at no additional cost, maximizing solar investment value.

What’s Included

Omnidian for Maxeon* Omnidian for Maxeon plan available for commercial systems from 250 kWdc to 1 MWdc. For customized offers on larger systems, contact our sales team. See plan agreement for details, additional terms, and exclusions.

Performance Assurance Plan for systems between 250 kWp and 1 MW




Benefits for System Owners* Repair coverage excludes out-of-warranty major components (inverters, modules, monitoring), pre-existing conditions and damage from external factors. See plan agreement for details, additional terms, and exclusions.

As a system owner, the world-class support offered by Omnidian’s Performance Assurance Plan enables your organization to focus its resources toward achieving your business objectives.

Set It and Forget It

Set It and Forget It

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Omnidian calls you in case of an issue
  • Covers system repairs and faulty equipment replacement
  • Monthly performance reports—so you don’t have to guess
One Phone Call Away

One Phone Call Away

  • 800# or online service
  • Real-time remote diagnostics
  • Service scheduling & dispatch
  • Over 50,000 successful service calls and counting!
  • 5-star service rating
Performance, Guaranteed

Performance, Guaranteed

  • Get the energy you paid for
  • Bad weather? No problem, Omnidian covers the entire year!
  • Shading or soiling? Omnidian will let you know.
  • At year end—Omnidian guarantees up to 95% of forecasted energy—or they pay you!

Benefits for Developers & Installers

As an installer of solar solutions, Omnidian’s Performance Assurance Plan gives you maximum flexibility to balance the needs of your existing customers while growing your business.

Real Time Monitoring and Performance Assessment

Eliminate O&M Burden

Omnidian manages monitoring, false alert filtering, troubleshooting, and customer calls.

Cash-back Performance Guarantee for System Shortfalls

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Omnidian provides monthly performance reports and live support from an award-winning team.

Close more Deals

Close More Deals

Omnidian’s Performance Assurance Plan offers added peace of mind from a performance guarantee.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Improve Your Bottom Line

Omnidian pays you to dispatch your crew for maintenance, or they send one of their certified field service partners. They also provide turnkey customer service and support.

About Omnidian

Omnidian’s mission is to protect and accelerate capital invested in clean energy through innovative technology, passionate teams and an unrivaled customer service experience. State-of-the art proprietary technology provides continuous monitoring and real-time system diagnostics to rapidly identify underperformance and its root cause.

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