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Solar customers do their research. Differentiate your business by joining Maxeon’s exclusive network of solar installers and receive:

  • Exclusive access to sales materials, marketing assets and training modules, along with consultative sales support from a dedicated Regional Sales Manager.
  • Cumulative marketing points to spend on branded merchandise and marketing campaigns.
  • Close association with Maxeon’s legacy of leadership in reliability, efficiency and sustainability dating back to 1985.


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What it means to be a Maxeon Partner

Our Partner Program shows the world you offer the highest standards, giving customers complete confidence in your service.

The program features two Partner tiers - Select and Preferred.

Select Partners are chosen based on experience, training, and commitment to Maxeon technology.

Preferred Partners have the most expertise with our products and the highest customer satisfaction levels.

Partners can advance from Select to Preferred, and enjoy more benefits and a greater return on investment.

Become a Maxeon Solar Installer

De-risk your portfolio with the most reliable technology in solar​

​From a patented solid copper foundation to triple-redundant cell interconnections, more than 3.5 billion Maxeon cells have been expertly engineered for unmatched efficiency and reliability1 Unmatched Reliability: Jordan, et. al. Robust PV Degradation Methodology and Application. PVSC 2018 Unmatched Efficiency: Based on datasheet review of websites of top 20 manufacturers per IHS, as of Jan. 2020. across five generations of design innovation. ​ ​

With a return rate of just .005% (that’s one in 20,000), Maxeon panels are 100x less likely to fail than conventional panels, which have a 0.5% warranty return rate.2 “A Comparative Study: DC Solar Module Warranty Claim Rate vs. Conventional Panels." 2019. ​ ​

Partnering with Maxeon means you’ll have more time to focus on delighting new customers instead of servicing existing ones.

De-risk your portfolio with the most reliable technology in solar​

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